Remote Collaboration Rules

Remote team collaboration is an increasingly common feature of modern software design & development workplaces, where "remote team" is defined as persons working together who are not physically co-located in a traditional, shared office space. Devise Consulting...

Reflections on Rock Health Summit 2019

I’m still mentally dwelling on the vast scope of the underlying problems with our “healthcare” system in the United States. It’s actually a broken “sick care” system that devotes relatively little time to human-centered discourse. We have no unified or effective approach to delivering preventive care, and are neither addressing the scale of such needs nor are we typically tailoring approaches to each individual.

Design Thinking for Product Management

I brought in a design thinking-based approach, aka the “double diamond” model, to rationalize business strategies against user needs, allowing early market investigation and concept validation to lead into further design refinement and then development and delivery of quality solutions.“Design thinking” is generally sweeping the business world, as the powerfully iterative and effective methods of design are made sensible for leaders of product development.

Defining UX

I propose a model that represents the fields of User Experience Design organized on a spectrum comprised of the soft skills we all possess: Understanding; Definition; Communication. We must excel in understanding people, technology, domains, problems; we must excel in providing definition to that understanding and advancing it towards a goal, in terms of defining models, approaches, scenarios, solutions, frameworks, systems; and we must excel in communicating this user-centered understanding and solution definition in all ways, including visually, verbally, and into development and launch which gets into product management territory.

UX Strategy for Medical Systems

UX Strategy for Medical Systems

Strategy could be defined as knowing how to approach problems. In the highly-critical domain of medical devices and digital health, the product development process itself is monitored and subject to review by regulatory bodies such as the FDA (United States) and IEC...