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Vrooming about Design

Have you ever gone on a motorcycle ride while being interviewed? The ever-innovative Matt Oliphant invited Lizz to speak on an episode of his show, We Can Do Better, and they ended up vrooming about town on their machines.

Humanize All the Things

Scenarios are a fundamental interaction design practice. From definition to delivery, this essential tool helps ensure that we design delightful — and successful — products and services for humans.

For The Betterment of All

For The Betterment of All

The design of novel technologies needs to help improve the human condition. Lizz Bacon presented thoughts on this theme at the CHIFOO Speaker Series.

Public Speaking

Healthy Design for People

Lizz Bacon and Lorraine Chapman presented this material to a standing-room-only crowd at Healthcare Refactored.

Understanding Patient Engagement

Lizz Bacon presented this talk on “Understanding Patient Engagement” to the HIMSS Usability Task Force. So often, the production of health information technology can leave the human element and context of use behind. However, we can only generate progress towards the...

For Designers Interested in Medical Devices

Lizz Bacon presented this talk to an audience of seasoned user experience designers in San Francisco, California in August 2011 for Device Design Day. For any designers interested in medical devices and healthcare, please read this guidance as encouragement and use it...

New Ideas on the Future of Healthcare

Lizz Bacon presented these slides at the WebVisions 2012 conference held in Portland, Oregon. It was a jumping-off point for a panel discussion with Peter Jones and Bill Hersh, as moderated by Nate DiNiro. [slideshare...

Scenarios for Design Workshop

Scenarios are the most essential and powerful tool for user experience design. Practitioners may call them use cases or storyboards, but the fact remains that we cannot design for interactive, complex products and services without using a scenario at some juncture....