New Course

Sustaining Our Souls at Work:

Powerful Tools and Positive Heartsets for Working Well with Others

In this new class, I’ll be teaching ways to tackle the important business activities of introducing yourself to people and teams, understanding your purpose, establishing effective work processes, selling creative solutions, keeping people on target towards your desired goals — and dealing with inevitable misalignment. However, doing good work isn’t just about having the right tools and processes. Why don’t we address how it feels, too? To that end, I’ll introduce “heartsets” (like mindsets, but emotional states) that help us sustain our internal energy and sense of fun plus have better relationships with others. Business culture shouldn’t be so toxic! We are each empowered to lead and act in wiser ways. Coming together, we can transform ourselves — and the world.

This live, experiential class includes well-regarded techniques and insights from various authorities. I’ll lead the cohort through honest discussions and hands-on exercises that investigate and apply new concepts and approaches to our work lives.

The “Sustaining Our Souls” course intends to help you:

  • Build trust with your colleagues, managers, and reports
  • Better establish your work purpose and effective ways of operating
  • Sell creative ideas to others
  • Understand and manage the ever-changing nature of “alignment”
  • Nurture the vision of all you want to achieve
  • Apply the right level of effort with stakeholders
  • Address reasons for misalignment
  • Foster greater happiness in yourself and others
  • Transform the business culture around you
  • Pursue your career with more internal peace and external harmony

What’s Included?
🌟 8 total hours of live, interactive class time
Combination of lecture, discussion, breakouts, exercises & investigations
Class recordings
Miro board for shared collaboration

Who Should Attend?
Whatever your professional role, if you work with others to get things done, you’ll learn valuable skills and concepts to see better outcomes and stay spiritually hydrated.  

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NOTE: We regret that due to circumstances beyond our control, the inaugural class has been canceled and will be offered at a later date. Please fill out the form in the link above to indicate your interest and we’ll keep you in the loop!

Lizz Bacon has been working as a designer and leader in the tech industry since the 20th century. She’s worked in enterprises, startups, scale-ups, consultancies, and as an entrepreneur herself. She feeds her soul outside work with activities including motorcycling, writing poetry, meditating, and drumming. Please feel free to reach out personally with any questions (use the Contact form on this website if you don’t have an email).

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