Scenarios are the most essential and powerful tool for user experience design. Practitioners may call them use cases or storyboards, but the fact remains that we cannot design for interactive, complex products and services without using a scenario at some juncture. This powerful methodology is based on the goal-directed design process that originated at Cooper, and has been refined by Devise principal Elizabeth Bacon over the past decade and a half. These slides were the basis of a 4-hour workshop offered at the Interaction10 conference (and other venues since then) and can provide a robust introduction to this powerful tool to transition from research insights to the creation of innovative and delightful solutions.

This workshop is available to be delivered for your organization, tailored to the needs of your team; oftentimes Devise clients are also interested in receiving introductory research and personas training material as well, and it can work very well to incorporate these training activities into a full project engagement. Please get in touch for client testimonials/referrals!