For Revelation Inc., Devise designed the 2.0 version of their PROJECT software, which manages online research studies. We scoped an engagement involving User Research, Product Conception and Detailed Design. We always seek an internal partner within our client’s organization in order to help transfer useful knowledge around processes and techniques; in this engagement, we mentored their lead interaction designer. Together, we traveled to customers’ locations to conduct ethnographic-style research. Then, we created data-driven personas that illuminated the field of business opportunities for Revelation.

Revelation personas

Collaborating closely with CEO Steve August, we selected the right primary and secondary personas to serve the business’s objectives and define a robust interaction framework for the next-generation platform. In the solutions we produced aimed at the primary Market Researcher persona, we combined enhanced visual records of the research studies with novel capabilities to tag research data with categories. We also defined a dashboard with useful project management tools tailored for the various stakeholders and participants involved in the Market Researcher’s workflows.


This engagement delivered a powerful redesign that helped to advance Revelation’s business goals and market position. At the close of the project, their lead interaction designer said, “Now, I am truly an interaction designer!” Along with the rest of the development team, he felt empowered to carry forward further design evolutions with confidence in their customer insights, research data, and alignment to business goals.