We deliver meaning

Catalyzing innovation via Product Management + UX Strategy

Devise Consulting blends the best of User Research, UX Design & Strategy with strong Product Management practices — plus deep expertise in wellness apps, medical devices, and clinical systems. 

We learn what your customers want to be happy, then design innovative solutions. We also help you develop and deliver them. 

Research & Design

We are world-renowned UX researchers. We apply field-based techniques to create data-driven personas that capture your target users.

Then, we use a strong UX design methodology to write scenarios and define user requirements that are delightful and feasible. Typically we also deliver final visual designs and interactive prototypes. 

UX Strategy

Proper application of UX Strategy allows us to understand your various customers’ needs. Then, we conceive innovative yet feasible new solutions that will satisfy and delight target users & stakeholders.

We also know how to help you evolve existing products & services. Design thinking lets us explore and validate, prototype and test to find the best direction.  

Product Management

Strong product management is key to effective delivery. 

You need a roadmap to guide your product or service in the right direction, based on all the factors that need to be accounted for. These include user needs, development team capacity, and all the collaboration required to succeed. Design thinking helps us to innovate and deliver value.  

What's the beating heart?

As we design solutions in your problem space, we seek to define the “beating heart” —
the innovative, living core of how your product or service can best serve your customers and stakeholders.

From the Portfolio

Digital Health Portfolio

Digital Health Portfolio

Devise Consulting Principal Lizz Bacon has specialized for almost twenty years in UX and Product Management for the domains of digital health, healthcare and medical devices. Over the years, she's accumulated a massive wealth of experience, but hasn't ever publicly...

Product Success for Fluke Networks

Product Success for Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks came to Devise Consulting for UX research and design for their handheld cable analyzer system, now called Versiv. Fluke product leader Steve O’Hara says that Versiv’s design is a “tremendous success;” it has revolutionized people’s understanding of what kind of business value a cable analyzer could provide, and continues to drive market share and win industry awards.

Results with UX Design

Results with UX Design

For Integrated Services Inc (ISI), Devise provided user research and UX design services. We first went into the field to spend time at quick-lube shops, studying their operations and daily activities in order to provide design concepts for a new web-based dashboard....