About Us

“Lizz is fabulous to work with. Several people within my company were amazed at how quickly she came up to speed with the issues our customers were facing.”

Wayne Allen

Technologist & Entrepreneur

“Lizz is awesome. She has vision and foresight to shape and form projects around complex teams & situations, combined with the determination to bring them home. “

Jeremy Yuille

Consultant & Educator

Devise launched in 2007 as a boutique design and development consultancy. We have delivered great results for numerous clients, designing products & services such as medical devices, digital health apps, and complex enterprise software systems. Many Devise clients have pursued patents based on our innovative work together. 

At this time, Devise Consulting offers user research, UX (user experience) design & product management services. We love to collaborate with you and your team, and always teach what we know along the way. We are especially passionate about advancing the cause of wellness through digital health innovations and catalyzing change in healthcare IT.  

Making the world a better place by humanizing technology is our mission. Our deep understanding of business makes Devise a strong partner for any client who wants to grow their design intelligence and improve business outcomes. We’re proud of our portfolio, spanning many industries — especially digital health. 

Principal Consultant and Founder Elizabeth (Lizz) Bacon began her career in 1999 at Cooper, the seminal interaction design consultancy (now DesignIt). She’s also a Director Emeritus of the Interaction Design Association, the world’s most vibrant network of designers, which produces the annual Interaction Week conference to help foster and grow the profession.  


In addition to running Devise, Lizz has researched, designed and delivered many successful, in-market solutions via roles at St. Jude Medical (now Abbott), Providence Health & Services, Cigna, and Qantas Insurance. Entrepreneurial by nature, she also founded, launched and sold a digital health startup, Find Wellness

On a personal front, Lizz loves high-performance driving, adventure motorcycling, meditating, playing drums, and writing. Aussi, elle parle Français!