Devise launched in 2007 as a boutique design and development consultancy. We have delivered great results for numerous client projects around products & services ranging from medical devices to complex software systems to innovative websites and mobile apps. Today, we primarily offer user research, UX (user experience) design and product management services. We are especially passionate about advancing the cause of digital health and wellness. We also love to teach what we know, and collaborate with you and your team.

Founder & Principal Liz Bacon began her career in 1999 at Cooper, the seminal interaction design consultancy (now part of DesignIt). In addition to her consulting work, Liz has researched, designed and delivered many successful, in-market solutions through in-house roles at St. Jude Medical, Providence Health & Services, Cigna, and Qantas Assure. Entrepreneurial by nature, she also founded and sold a digital health startup, Find Wellness, between 2012-2014. On a personal front, Liz especially enjoys high-performance driving, riding motorcycles, meditating, and writing poetry.

Making the world a better place by humanizing technology is the mission for Devise. Our deep understanding of business, sales & marketing, and product development makes Devise a strong partner for anybody who wants to grow their design intelligence and improve business outcomes. We’re proud of our client list, and have many friends and colleagues across various industries. Liz has travelled extensively and spoken internationally on innovation in healthcare, interaction design and product management. She’s also a Director Emeritus of the Interaction Design Association and advises a couple health & wellness startups.