About Us

“Lizz is fabulous to work with. Several people within my company were amazed at how quickly she came up to speed with the issues our customers were facing.”

Wayne Allen

Technologist & Entrepreneur

“Lizz is awesome. She has vision and foresight to shape and form projects around complex teams & situations, combined with the determination to bring them home. “

Jeremy Yuille

Consultant & Educator

Devise launched in 2007 as a boutique design and development consultancy. Over the years, we have delivered great results for numerous clients, including increased market share, customer delight, industry awards and software patents. We help make the world a better place by humanizing technology. 

Devise Consulting specializes in designing products such as medical devices, digital health apps, and complex enterprise software systems. We love to catalyze innovation in the digital health domain, and help people improve their wellness. We’re proud of our client list and portfolio, spanning many industries. 

Devise Consulting is headed by Lizz Bacon. Over her career, Lizz has researched, designed, and delivered many successful, in-market solutions both through her consulting firm and via in-house roles. Entrepreneurial by nature, between 2012-2014 she founded and sold a digital health startup, Find Wellness. As of 2021, she works at Philosophie Group providing consultative product management services. On a personal front, Lizz loves high-performance driving, adventure motorcycling, meditating, playing drums, and writing