Posts made in September, 2017

Design Thinking for Product Management

Head of Product In July 2017, a recruiter called me up and I jumped at the chance to be Head of Product at a health insurance & wellness start-up — in Sydney, Australia! This particular “start-up” is actually being incubated under the umbrella of one of the country’s most trusted consumer brands, with strong customer relationships and marketing reach into over 50% of Australian households. It felt like a dream come true to define and deliver innovative digital solutions with a small, co-located team, as an equal member of the leadership team alongside Heads of Marketing, Tech, Sales & Operations, Finance and Commercial. The company as a whole hovered around 65 employees, while the Product team I managed comprised two Product Managers, two UX Designers, two Visual Designers and a Product Analyst. For any given initiative, we would be tightly interwoven into virtual teams typically with Marketing, Tech and Commercial colleagues. This preface provides context for sharing one of the most significant impacts I made in this organization — the ratification of a design-thinking based, strategic product management process. When I first joined this highly agile company, it was still operating in a mode that most informed by implementing against initial business hypotheses using Lean approaches. The roadmap wasn’t...

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